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  • What is League?
    League is a space that provides high quality, safe and secure flexible care and early education. The League is designed with the modern parents in mind. We partner with building partners and employers to offer the ultimite life amenity - child care anytime and anywhere you need it. With high quality, vetted educators, flexible hours and expertly designed curriculums and lessons, The League is here to make life easier.
  • How do I book a drop-off session?
    Booking a drop off time is as easy as ABC! Just toggle to "Book Online" on League's menu, find a League location and fill out the required forms. After that, just wait for our confirmation and we provide instructions on next steps.
  • What ages are drop-off for?
    League services are suitible for children ages 3-7 years. We are working hard to add more age groups.
  • Are League's teachers certified?
    All of League's educators are CPR certified and have a degree in education, social work, early childhood development or a related field. All teachers have experience working with children.
  • What activities will my child be participating in at League?
    League offers an array of different age appropriate activities such as coloring, handwriting, arts and crafts, yoga, mindfullness, free play, math, manipulatives, music and dance.
  • How can we offer League in our building?
    Please contact us using this form, and a member of League would be happy to chat with you and determine the next steps!
  • Does League manage the space?
    Yes. League manages all aspects of the space. Including supplies, scheduling, cleaning, payments. All you need to do is provide us with a space for us to set up shop when you need to offer our services.
  • You mentioned "pop-up" services...What is that?"
    League offeres "Pop-up" flex care, where we set up a temporary space in your building or event space when you need it. This is suitible for builidings or companies that only need to use our services temporarily.
  • Our building already has a children's room. Can League manage that space?
    That is exactly what we do. We can manage the children's space and take it to the next level and offer drop off classes and family friendly programming.
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