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Hey! We're so happy to meet you!

At League, we believe that the intersection of work, family, and ambition can be met if parents are equipped with the resources to do so.  League was created to solve the most pressing problem parents face today: flexibility.

The early years of raising children are hard. The struggle is presented everywhere and it seems like the world wasn't made with parents in mind. As a society, we believe that achieving balance with young kids is impossible. But it doesn't have to be this way.


When we started League as working parents, we just kept meeting challenges. Meetings went too late, schools closed too early, babysitters called out, and sometimes, we just needed a breather. We wanted our little ones to be able to drop into a safe space just as we drop into a coffee shop.  The pieces never seemed to fit. So we worked to create a new support system designed to solve the problems we and other families were experiencing. Safe, high-quality, and flexible care, anytime, anywhere you are.

We are reimagining society. League is that metaphorical village- a place where families are supported, where little ones can hang out, play, socialize and learn. We are a fresh and beautiful take on care - where a family’s needs are met and we provide the easy flexibility families crave.


  • Making family lives easier.

  • Reimagining a society meeting everyone's needs.

  • Increasing access to quality child care and early education. 

  • Reimagining the future of family.

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